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    There's simply no substitute for experience in terms of aviation safety
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    The essence of shooting etiquette is really very simple;
    you must be safe, and be sporting
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    the ear is your gear
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    Hearing protection is a sound investment
Britian's leading manufacturers OF Custom Hearing Protection and In-Ear Monitoring

COMFORT IN SOUND Protect your hearing heart

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If you are experiencing difficulties with your hearing, you are not alone.



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Listen to what our customers have to say about how much our hearing aids help them!


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Custom Protection

CluisTROM supply a full range of custom hearing protection for all industrial applications.


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Ask about our hand built double driver CS-2 earphones for true Comfort in Sound. 


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Every client is unique Shop at CluisTROM

  • Alpine

    Custom filtered noise plugs
  • Tunz Professional

    Hear your music just as it sounded during recording, without the outside noise
  • Tunz Communnications

    Enjoy clear, hands-free telephone communication
  • ExSilent

    The Qleaf Pro is a digital, advanced technology CIC modular hearing aid
  • Magnum Ear

    Features four listening memories
  • Tunz Headphones

    Enjoy rich sound quality with sound-isolating headphones

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